Fujifilm Instax Square Link Printer Smartphone Garansi Resmi


Fujifilm Instax Square Link

Fujifilm Instax Square Link Smartphone Printer

Expand your vision with the INSTAX SQUARE LINK. A Smartphone printer with Bluetooth capabilities that not only fascinates, it connects you to your favourite people with INSTAX Connect. Simply personalise your image via the SQUARE LINK app, then send it via your favoured social media app to a fellow SQUARE LINK app user, ready to be printed anywhere in the world.

And by choosing to add an augmented reality effect QR code before printing, you can bring your SQUARE physical prints to life with your Smartphone.

Small, lightweight and ahead of the curve, the SQUARE LINK in Ash White or Midnight Green, serves up endless creative possibilities.

• Curvy, small and lightweight
• Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to Smartphones
• AR Print modes activated by QR codes
• INSTAX Connect to keep you connected with loved ones
• SQUARE-format prints with extra dimensional capabilities
• Easy to use app for endless creativity
• Fun, decorative borders
• Video print mode to freeze frames in time
• Various creative printing modes
• Over 1,600 in-app stickers
• Available in Ash White or Midnight Green.

In the Box
1x Fujifilm Instax Square Link Smartphone Printer
1x USB Type-C cable for charging
1x Manual Book
1x Kartu Garansi Resmi

Weight 1 kg

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